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CodeIgniter vs Laravel- A Comparison

Laravel is an open-sourced framework based on Symfony & written in PHP that provides reusable PHP libraries or components. Laravel is recognized for its excellent HTML authentication, server-side managing of routing, templating, & a lot more.

CodeIgniter is robust PHP framework with minimal digital footprint produced for the developers looking for a rich still simple toolkit to make full-featured web applications. CodeIgniter gives no dependency & has absolute freedom on Model View Controller (MVC) design. Besides, CodeIgniter allows third-party plugins which furthermore ease the execution of complex functionalities.

Laravel vs CodeIgniter Real-Life Usage Cases

Laravel is a multipurpose PHP framework, which means that most types of apps could be constructed with the backend framework. From web applications to CMS to e-Commerce sites & API development to prototyping & microservices, Laravel has its trails universally.

Some huge organizations using Laravel are:

  • GitHub Education
  • Toyota
  • BBC
  • World Walking
  • Union Bank of Philippines

Like Laravel, CodeIgniter is also a versatile PHP backend framework which helps to improve small-to-medium-size sites, custom web applications, e-commerce sites, learning projects and agile prototyping.

Some large organizations using CodeIgniter are:

  • BirdView
  • Wisesight
  • Accenture
  • Esummarizer.com
  • Ola

CodeIgniter vs Laravel for the Beginners

The fight between Laravel & CodeIgniter for the beginners depends on following significant points:

  • Laravel is complicated to learn, whereas CodeIgniter has an easy studying curve.
  • Laravel has big community help than CodeIgniter, resultant in more obtainability of resources for the newbies.
  • Laravel’s code institute is better than CodeIgniter’s because of the difference in architectural pattern & understanding of it.
  • For the beginners, what matters most is the accessibility of features to avoid making from scratch, and that is what Laravel proposes.
  • Both Laravel & CodeIgniter build apps at a faster pace because of the availability of descriptions and minimalistic plan, respectively.

CodeIgniter Vs Laravel DBMS Support:

Why Use React Native for Mobile App Development?

React Native is ideal for mobile app development. From the opinion of cross-platform compatibility to scalable, stable, and high-performing applications, React Native is more suitable than creating native & hybrid apps. Creating mobile apps with React Native guarantees a smooth & responsive user-interface and could easily integrate third-party plugins & APIs.

Let us take a closer look at React Native’s interesting features to have more belief on why to use React Native:

1. Create Mobile Applications that are indistinguishable from Apps – React Native permits your business to have mobile apps similar to those in Java or Objective-C. React Native associations these UI Components with JavaScript & React, with the same UI Components as Android and iOS. Apps made with React Native are responsive and pleasant.

2. Tried by Multiple Developers – This language has a bigger community, and numerous businesses use React Native for mobile application development. React Native fame has augmented due to its important updates & improvements, improved performance, newest features, & address bugs.

3. Seamless Experiences for Android & iOS – React Native is competent in delivering class platforms for both iOS and Android platforms. Using mechanisms, React Native safeguards an engaging and seamless user experience through various devices, making it the top choice for building superior apps.

4. Reusability – React Native permits sharing app logic across 2 platforms, letting the developers to reuse about 70 percent of code amid iOS and Android.

5. Native Module – Building a native module, or an association between your JS code & host platform allows your developer to quickly and easily make platform-specific code for several modules in your app to benefit from the platform-specific APIs. This is feasible with React Native. A native unit is extremely easy to write. Moreover, Facebook has clearly verified this.

6. Multi-Platform Assistance – React Native refutes the necessity to select between iOS and Android. This is since it will allow your developer to sustain one codebase for both the platforms. Consequently, rather than writing equivalent codebases in Swift and Java, your app developer can use the same codebase. React Native indisputably minimizes cross-compatibility subjects and increases the user experience.

7. Extend Web Support – The open-source framework has protracted its support for web with React native library. it is an influential web library that permits developers to create mobile apps with React Native components & extend their functionality to the web. The newly released library shares a noteworthy code that offers unified cross-platform development & efficient solutions.

8. Cost-Effectiveness – An additional advantage of React Native development is its augmented cost-effectiveness. This is as the programmers may build programs for both Android and iOS with the same code.

QR Codes – Key Driver to Drive Customer Loyalty

Customers have more selections than ever when it is about the brand they want to associate with. Winning consumers’ hearts to become a brand is becoming harder with huge competition in today’s market. If you are a corporate owner, your single motive is to increase sales & it could be done by driving customer loyalty that involves getting new customers and getting repeat purchases from the existing ones.

How Industries Can Take Benefit of QR Code Rewards Program-

Well-planned & hyper-modified QR code-based loyalty programs can allow brands to grow customer retention thus generating a helpful ROI. Following are some ways to use QR codes for loyalty programs:

  • Social Media Ads: A social media-based loyalty program is amongst the best ways as various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. could serve as a great technique for branding content. You could add CTA to share guidelines & tell the users how to make use of coupons in QR code-based loyalty program for clarity. Run ads for loyalty program to aid in reaching the audiences who are not your social-media account followers.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns: Another means is to use Email-based QR Code program that enables the brands to generate customized email promotions for different customer sections & increase the chance of downloading rate. 
  • SMS Campaigns: Using QR loyalty programs & sending promotional messages for your programs through SMS is an efficient way to reach out to more consumers. An additional tip is to add a personalized touch by adding the client’s name in the SMS to create interest.
  • Mobile Apps: As maximum smartphone users trust on mobile apps, with the help of a Mobile-based QR Code loyalty program is best tactic as it permits the users to have easy access to QR codes within the app. 
  • QR Codes in Receipts: QR Codes on receipts for the loyalty programs are turning to be a huge trend for a lot of businesses as bills or receipts provide a wonderful way to endorse QR code-based program where the customers can avail the advantage by scanning QR codes. 
  • In-Store QR Codes: In this plan, businesses having a store can take benefit by running the in-store loyalty programs via posters showcased at check-out aisle & through print advertisements. 
  • Tier-based Program along with QR Codes: Executing a Tier-based loyalty program with a QR is the best way to increase customer loyalty & increase purchase rates. Your clients can scan the QR codes in review feedback forms, POS aisles, new products, during transactions, etc. to get registered in the program & sustain their membership account to move from one tier to next.

The QR based loyalty programs are here to stay & they are help to achieve better customer loyalty as well as increase ROI. For any help in creating a well-planned QR code program, connect with the skilled developers of Razorse Software and create personalized marketing campaigns to increase customer retention rates.

How to Engage Customers Post-Purchase – Loyalty Program Strategy!

Happy customers are the most vital part of the victory of any business. To attain this, you must stay connected with relevant promotions & significant updates about their procurements. Reaching out often is not only significant to boost brand loyalty as well as build long-term clients but also to talk any challenges they face through various channels. If your client is a first-time purchaser, you should strive to upgrade them to reprise customers by providing personalized experiences & communications entirely meant to involve them in an appropriate way. 

Advantages of Using Post-Purchase SMS Marketing Policy

Following are some of the advantages of using post-purchase communication:

  • SMS messaging is the quickest way to reach clients directly & 62% of marketers trust that delivery speed is the major advantage of SMS marketing.
  • SMS channel is measured one of the exceedingly engaging communication techniques for customers with 82% of them effectively opening every text message & 60% of users reading them in 5 mins of getting them.
  • SMS acts as an efficient revenue channel & marketers using cross-channel plan observed a 250% rise in purchase and engagement rate than the ones with single-channel movements.
  • SMS loyalty program is chosen by 50% of the consumers if proposed flash sales, deals or exclusive coupons to the members.

Tips for Post-Purchase Flow to Get Maximum Campaign Performance:

Post-purchase marketing plays a huge role as it aids to continue delivering value to the customers after purchases & ensures positive client relationships. This way of ongoing conversations with the customers even after acquisition provides coupons, order updates, cross sell new products, requesting for reviews, along with others.

Listed below is post-purchase flow that can be followed to attain supreme benefits & increase in revenue.

  • Thank-you for your purchase message: Beginning with a humble thank you note instantly after purchase, the SMS operation must be performed in such a way that you let the order to be managed as well as the transactional message to be activated first before sending. You could do so by sharing your gratitude and appreciation for being your client with a warm post-purchase message. The SMS campaign can be extremely valuable for contributing toward client loyalty. 
  • Propose Loyalty Rewards with a Feedback Form: The next communication message ought to be customized according to the customer’s purchase history & then make use of division with the modified thread as per on order count or consumer lifetime value. 
  • Communicate with Reactivation & Win-back Efforts: Once the customers become less engaged or cut-off to make a re-purchase, it is time to shoot SMS with continuation reactivation to earn back their attention based on business’s vertical & buying cycle. 

If you want to automate SMS campaigns for your business & encourage the consumers to make repeat purchases, our end-to-end Rewards Program can help businesses target each customer with personalized content as per their journey. To know more about the services and features, book a demo with Razorse to understand how you can turn one-time buyers to the long-term repeat customers.

Loyalty Programs – Positive and Negative Aspects

Loyalty program is a common marketing tactic having the potential to significantly impact your bottom line. Covid-19 considerably changed customer behavior from embracing online shopping to re-assessing priorities. Loyalty programs, when combined with the correct strategy, make a positive and significant impact on their capability to maintain & gain a loyal client base. 

Positive Aspects of Loyalty Programs

1. Easy Client Retention – Loyalty programs with consumer points system aid you to build loyalty and inspire them to retain clients by rewarding them for their reprise purchase behavior. Hence, it acts as a tool to remember your clients by giving them huge motivation to purchase repeatedly from your brand.

2. Analyze Clients Behavior – Customer data & behavior play a significant role in building your client base. Loyalty program software offers your customers behavior as well as shopping preferences. Use this data for delivering an omnichannel experience to its customers. Thus, businesses can easily divide their loyalty program to provide better customer experience offline and through eCommerce segmentation.

3. Increases Your Cart Value – As loyalty program software gives a comprehensive view of client behavior, buying habits & preferences. Brands can use this info to revitalize their inventory organization, pricing, & promotional planning. This data is used by the brands to offer special promotions so as to clients can make additional purchases & increase their sales. 

4. Better Engagement of Client – The best loyalty programs provide a direct line with customers. It makes your interaction much easier with clients as your sales publicities directly influence the behavior of your clients. 

Negative Aspects of Loyalty Programs

1. Providing the Same Experience – Loyalty programs are everywhere & are providing the same experience to customers. They have same membership provisions, benefits and rewards.

2. Financial Loss to Brands – Loyalty can cause harm and can lead to monetary loss to the association. Many brands offer their clients the best deals and offers to boost sales. Ensure that your loyalty management program is equally priced and efficient to move beyond monetary loss.

3. Difficult to Recognize Loyalty Behavior – The loyalty program software framework just provides the data & analytics of the clients. It does not guarantee the transactional spirit of the customers.

4. Invariable Sales – Customer demand alters with time, lifestyles, income and needs. Therefore, loyalty program software cannot define more repurchases according to the historical behavior of consumers. However, integrating the client points system can rise sales to some point. However, when you remove loyalty points & offers, your sales fall considerably. This displays the invariability of sales.

What is a restaurant loyalty program? Ideas and Incentives!

Customer loyalty programs are a wonderful way for the restaurants to keep their clients coming back & keep them pleased. Guests can sign-up for a restaurant’s loyalty program, & the more times they come over, the more rewards they acquire; from free appetizers to percentage-based merch or discounts. Since it could be expensive to get new clients, retaining clients is a vital way to increase profitability. Loyalty programs can aid you increase customer lifetime value by growing average check size as well as driving repeat visits. 

How to acquire more sign-ups to your loyalty program-

Engaging clients through your loyalty program is essential to its success, if the incentives are not good enough, nobody will sign up. But rising customer retention by 5% could increase an industry’s productivity by an average of 75%, thus there is tremendous opportunity in promoting a strong base of trustworthy customers. Following are ways to get more sign-ups for your loyalty program:

Email Newsletters – This is a great way to approach guests who have already decided to share their personal info. In a newsletter, you can shout out the incentives of loyalty program to boost adoption. 

Digital Receipts – It create a simple way to capture the essential information to register a guest to your loyalty program. 

Reward Tracking on Smartphones – Delivering a reachable way to track the rewards will ensure clients know when they are nearly unlocking a new inducement. 

How to select restaurant loyalty incentives-

Balancing offering great incentives with sustaining and increasing business success is a key feature for an effective loyalty program. It is significant to analyze the price of every incentive to guarantee it is appealing without cutting down profitability. It is significant to find the correct loyalty program incentives that bring into line with your business. Following are few incentives that could be very effective for restaurants of all kinds:

Welcome drink – A welcome drink for new loyalty clients is a great way to inspire first time sign-ups. When these customers are in your loyalty network, they could work to unlock the point-driven rewards. 

Free appetizer on 10th visit – Benchmarking a gift on a number of visits boosts repeat dining, repeat customers spend more than the new customers. 

Discount on a meal – Setting a definite percentage off a meal in swap for a high number of reward points is highly appreciated by the guests. Guests will most likely spend more, and might also be more possibly invite others who are new to dining along with you. 

Free delivery – Proposing a free delivery code in return for a certain number of reward points could be an appealing offer for the loyal online clients. It can also be a valuable approach to make on-premise regulars into off-premise guests too.